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Experience & Interface Architect

I consider myself to be a lead experience and interface architect. When it comes to discovering issues early in the process, my highly crafted methodology, BLUEPRINT, is integral to the agile process and essential to delivering a more accurate, human centered first iteration product.

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    Sightline ALM

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    Sightline: Backlog Management

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    Sightline: Sprints

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    Sightline: Slingshot

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    Sightline: Admin Console

  • BLUEPRINT: UX Methodology

    BLUEPRINT: UX Methodology

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    Blueprint: Discovery

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    Blueprint: Wireframes

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    Blueprint: Prototypes

  • CALA Event App

    CALA Event App

  • CALA Website

    CALA Website

  • Planet Wellness Magazine Website

    Planet Wellness Magazine Website

  • 855 Info House

    855 Info House

  • Real Estate International

    Real Estate International

  • The Children’s Place

    The Children’s Place

  • KooKooBear Kids Redesign

    KooKooBear Kids Redesign

  • Michael J. Bramnick Criminal Law

    Michael J. Bramnick Criminal Law


The Who, The Why & The What

I design experiences. From my early days as a comic book illustrator to today’s approach on ease of use and user experience in digital, I have always asked the same three questions: Who is the user? Why are they interacting with the product? What happens to them? I consider my passion for this experience and use of product my craft and combined with my vast experience in print, e-commerce, agency and freelance I’ve seen it all. If you need a mentor, someone to grow a practice and someone who respects deadlines and who can get you a pristine usable product, then you should read on…

I am a truly crafted User Experience Designer who’s skill set was born in the storytelling craft of sequential art, the bullpen of the news and print industries and the marketing finesse of e-commerce. My craft has been elevated over the last twelve years to include client guidance and management, team building and design mentoring with a focus on UX/UI. Project and product management, acquiring realistic expectations on projects that focus on branding, usability and conversions are all top notch skills I employ on a daily basis.

With a passion for current trends in User Interface, User Experience and Branding, I am ever expanding my understanding of today’s marketplace keeping myself informed by exposure to popular forums, professional communities and overall general usage of current industry bench marks. With classical training early on as an illustrator, I progressed into Graphic and Web Design, bringing an educated and articulate artist’s eye to any team environment with a focus on constructive criticism and overall team collaboration.

My present role as Senior User Experience Designer has seen my passion for current trends in digital marketing, User Interface, User Experience and branding become an integral asset to other senior staff, merchants and owners alike. Designing experiences and interactions for all things print and web, guiding junior and freelance staff has been a welcome addition to my abilities and I truly enjoy contributing to the team success of any project.

Having an omniscient view of collaboration in design, functionality and implementation, I specialize in coordination and design of large projects involving many facets and operators. Detailed and meticulous projects involving strict restraints of brand identity and work flows between departments have been met with punctuality and accuracy. I have respect for deadlines and get the job done on time and with top notch quality. I seek to expand my craft in an environment that is professional, focused on success and teamwork and has room to grow with my ever expanding talent.






User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Art Direction, Mentoring, Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, Mac and PC platforms, HTML, CSS, Email Campaigns, Branding Interaction, Social Media. PDF resume | Word resume

Bluewolf Global Consulting
Bluewolf Global Consulting

NextLevel Web Strategies
NextLevel Web Strategies (VcomIMC) (VcomIMC)

The Children's Place
The Children's Place

Hanover Direct Incorporated
Hanover Direct Incorporated

Marvel Comics - Web Division
Marvel Comics - Web Division


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